Do you know what happens with your enamel over time?


Teeth microscope view
Enamel erosion of a teenager
Enamel erosion of an adult
After treatment with vVARDIS technologies

Enamel, the outer protective layer of our teeth, is the hardest substance in the body. It is composed of 96% hydroxyapatite, a mineral known for its exceptional hardness.

Though incredibly strong, over time, enamel gradually ages because of daily “wear and tear” and erosion caused by acidic food and drinks.

As enamel ages, it becomes thinner, a sign of precious mineral loss; teeth may become sensitive and more yellow in color. And that’s not all: enamel is the only tissue in the body that cannot naturally self-repair or regenerate because it does not contain any cells, leaving no way to stop the aging process.

Now, these signs of aging can be managed with vVARDIS technology.

Created for dental professionals, available for everyone.

The patented and innovative vVARDIS technology is based on years of research in the field of biomimetic science.

Developed in Switzerland, this technology has at its base a small, intelligent peptide, the P11-4, made of naturally occurring amino acids. The vVARDIS scientists have patented the process that mimics nature to create new Hydroxyapatite crystals, making possible something that was previously unimaginable: regenerating the only tissue in the body that has never been able to self-heal, enamel.

Originally developed for dental professionals and clinically proven, the vVARDIS technology is present in our products both for use by dentists and for daily oral care at home.

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Stop time, keep that smile

Natural is always better. We have learnt this for how we care for and nourish our bodies and our planet – and the same can be done for our smiles. Protect and enhance your natural smile in a heathy way to stop time and keep that smile.

You can feel the smooth layer of the new white enamel from the first use.

“When your mouth is healthy, your body is healthy”

This is the reason which, day after day, drives Drs. Haleh and Golnar Abivardi, dentists and founders of vVARDIS, to pursue their vision.

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